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Oct 20 '14

i shall never trust canned soups again

i shall trust only my instincts in the kitchen

Oct 20 '14

it started out as a soup, why did it taste just like poop?

it was only a soup

it was only a soup

Oct 20 '14


baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

Oct 20 '14

Movies I thought would end up in a 3 way relationship.










The Emperor’s New Groove.


Did you mean: Movies that should end up in a 3 way relationship??

Frankly, I’m confused by the way you seem to be implying that El Dorado didn’t.

Oct 20 '14


Are we all pumped for the SHOWDOWN OF THE CENTURY next week?

Oct 20 '14




A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, and she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies.

This makes me so happy.


This is fuckin cute as shit

Oct 20 '14





A point Jon Stewart and EVERY OTHER GAY GUY wishes you could comprehend. 

They assume that because that’s how straight men treat women. Like predators going after prey. Sucks to feel vulnerable and scared, huh?

Men’s egos, everybody.

straight guys´ masculinity is the most fragil thing

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Oct 20 '14





Anzu’s huffy little ‘I quit’ while everyone’s being so serious

and honestly, I have no idea why Kaiba is so sure Yuugi could make it to the final level of Death T alone with all this planned against him

I feel like it’s this huge, convoluted way to stroke his own ego

If Yuugi could beat him in a card game, then of course he can beat every fucking death trap he has planned

but thankfully, Honda’s all over this, so no one has to get hurt <3 

well, too much anyway

Yeah, Kaiba’s tactics are really odd. If he really wanted Yuugi dead, he could have easily hired some assassins to kill Yuugi in a way that couldn’t be traced back to him (of course it probably wouldn’t work because of Atem and dark magic and all that, but Kaiba doesn’t believe in that sort of stuff). Much cheaper, much more efficient, much less work on his end, and no one would ever know that he’d lost a game.

But he wants to make a spectacle of it. He wants to defeat Yuugi in front of an audience. He personally won’t be satisfied unless he defeats Yuugi in a game. So why did he try to kill Yuugi before he gets to the rematch? Is it a psychological tactic to try to break Yuugi down before the match begins? If so, he was risking Yuugi actually dieing, which would deprive him of the chance to defeat him. If that happened, he would never be satisfied, so why would he risk it?

for all the careful long-term planning he did he sure hasn’t thought this through at all either that or he’s absurdly overconfident that everything will go according to plan# and plans always go wrong so he should know better

you there, yes good, thank you

There’s always this underlying parallel between Kaiba and Jounouchi, I didn’t even think it would show up this early on but hey, every read through surprises me in some way

And here we’re getting it, just like with Jou’s fight a couple chapters back when he told wannabe bruce lee to not do his part in the knife one inch terror game. He gave his opponent a stupidly unfair advantage, for nothing more than the thrill of when he’d get to beat them

And it’s the same thing here with Kaiba, though to a much different method

He’s making it all that harder for Yuugi to reach him, just so that when Kaiba wins it’ll feel all that better

to have shown this world that Yuugi was this great rival, that deserved the right to face the Seto Kaiba

it’s just too bad (for him, I mean) that Yuugi kicks his ass in the end

With his ‘life is a game’ philosophy, I think it makes sense how exactly he was affected by his previous loss to the Other Yugi and his Penalty Game, and how much confidence he has that Yugi (or rather, the Other Yugi) will eventually reach him.

He’s the Seto Kaiba, the one who’s the best at every game, the one who managed to overthrow the same man he was supposed to succeed by playing at his game. His previous experiences (abandonment, the way he was raised by Gozaburo Kaiba, the way he basically killed his adoptive father), had already molded his mind in such a way that control and survival had become the absolute most important things for him. For this reason, being the best and the most invulnerable is a ridiculously high priority for him.

So the Other Yugi beating him (at the only game he’s truly interested in, no less) haunted him in more ways than the nightmares. It meant that there was someone who could surpass him, which is both a threat and a challenge. A rematch was absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately for Yugi, sort of like you’ve said above, Yugi had to prove himself worthy of battling Kaiba before facing him. However, this is so Kaiba can prove that he himself is the absolute best.

I think the logic behind Death-T might have to do with the fact that it’s the Other Yugi who beat him. By making Death-T, Kaiba is challenging him. He probably has a “to win you have to suffer” thinking. Maybe (consciously or not) he wanted to make him suffer a similar kind of suffering to what he went through?

So he makes Yugi’s grandpa suffer a heart attack (which also lets Kaiba have revenge against him for not giving him his Blue Eyes, the bastard) and forces him to play deadly games; he also forces Jonouchi to come along (while Jou willingly offered to go along with Yugi, Kaiba specifically ordered his henchmen to go pick Yugi and one of his friends in the first place). The nature of the games was enough that, according to Kaiba’s plan, Yugi and his friends were going to suffer; if they weren’t able to win, Yugi’s friends would die, and Yugi would suffer, as well as lose the emotional pillars he leans on that Kaiba lacks. Honda going along just meant more possibility of that happening.

And Yugi? Sooner or later, whether it was before or after one or all of his friends were dead, the Other Yugi would appear. And if he really was that good at games (rather than just having magic “heart-of-the-cards/duelist’s soul” bs, in his eyes), he would beat Death-T. Therefore, in Kaiba logic, an entire audience would see a kid who beat the biggest and most absurdly elaborate game ever (not that they actually saw the game), only to be beaten y Kaiba,clearly establishing the latter as the absolute champion. Sort of.

Now why don’t I get people being this cool more often ;w;

yes, good, all of this

The main point of Death T is that it’s a foreplay of sorts to Kaiba’s plan

He wants the other Yuugi to be defeated in every way, crushed like he feels had been done to him in their first game

this whole thing is basically Kaiba having the worst hate boner for the other Yuugi, and honestly

this is not something that you can get redeemed for, easily

Oct 20 '14
Oct 20 '14
[forever tries drawing atem right]

you’re one of those people, dweeb <3

Oct 20 '14


filling out a job application

“are you available for a Skype interview?”




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Oct 20 '14


I want a relationship that’s just like super cool friendship with like kissing

Oct 20 '14

the ways that Jounouchi stayed the same while growing as person is something I could make an entire blog about and still have some words left to say

Honestly, the tender ways that Takahashi showed his own love for this character makes me think he might’ve been  a possible loose base off of one of his earlier characters (from Tennenshoku Danji Buray, a manga that’s main dude was a burly, goofy, lovable meat head with messy hair)

regardless, it’s obvious that this was a character that the creator loved and hoped people reading would love, too

and honestly, I don’t think I’d enjoy YGO as a whole as much without you, Jou


Oct 20 '14

Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Zuhair Murad Bridal s/s 2015

Oct 20 '14


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